For Owners

Discover the exclusivity

Villas in Brazil offers a full range of services to its partner owners, covering sales, rentals and property management, with a view to exploiting the maximum potential of its luxury properties, in order to guarantee a secure income stream and free owners from the rigorous demands that accompany the rent or sale of their properties.

Our portfolio is built through tireless market research, where we personally evaluate each property and its particularities. From the first contact with our clients, we make every effort to understand the needs, strengths and weaknesses of each client and property, provide guidance and assistance in real estate consulting, sales and reservations, promotion and advertising, reception and concierge. We treat each property as our own, become familiar with our clients, understand their goals and stay focused until we find the ideal combination that generates the best financial return.

The guest

Verifying and approving a guest is a critical and thoughtful process that we take very seriously. We profile each of our guests and thoroughly assess whether they are the best fit for your property.

The property

We believe in the value of details. We are responsible for hotel standard cleaning, inventory recording and a warm welcome to make each guest feel at home.

The reception

Our team of hosts will welcome guests personally to verify their IDs, hand over keys and conduct the check-in tour.

Our priority is you

Villas in Brazil manages all the practicalities to ensure that owners have complete peace of mind. We are responsible for drafting contracts, payments and transfers, honoring our commitments and deadlines with transparency, speed and efficiency. Renting with us is easy, convenient and requires minimal effort.

Our online booking calendar gives owners complete control, allowing them to block out dates and book their property stays in advance.


We are responsible for active and effective marketing, strategically identifying and highlighting the most charismatic and inviting features of the property. A dynamic marketing and advertising plan, tailor-made by a team of specialists focused on constant innovation, is designed to maximize exposure to a targeted clientele. We invest heavily in several channels to maximize the occupancy rate and, consequently, your rental income.

We will carry out a professional photo shoot as well as promotional videos that faithfully capture the essence and unique identity of your property.

Luxury concierge

Villas in Brazil carefully selects the partners who will take care of the logistics and fulfill all our guests' wishes. Ensuring an incredible experience is our surefire recipe for a loyal clientele.